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REDEEM DEMOCRACY INC. is supporting conservative Republican candidates that advocate for the issues that affect our Nation as a whole. We are here to help those who will fight in Washington for our Constitutional Rights under U.S. Constitution, specially those afforded us in the Bill of Rights, who support our American Culture and are against cancelling what has made America the Greatest country in the world, who support Entrepreneurship and Innovation to create jobs and wealth for Americans, who support the Family as the foundations of our society, and an education system that gives everyone an opportunity to succeed. We support those who will fight for our Military, keep our economy growing strong and protect our borders from illegal immigration. Here are the candidates we need your help to support this coming elections in 2022. We need to take back Congress in 2022 from the leftist socialist agenda minded people now in power and ensure that America is safe and prosperous for generations to come.


We Support

  • Congressman Joe Wilson (SC)

    • Congressman Wilson has been a member of the US House of Representatives since 2001 and continues to serve his constituency with a high degree of professionalism and dedication. We support his initiatives around the economy and jobs. We must maintain a strong right-to-work workforce.  South Carolina’s positive pro-business environment proves that these policies will create jobs and bring success.

  • Congressman Jeff Van Drew (NJ)

    • Member of the U.S. House, representing New Jersey's 2nd Congressional District an expansive stretch of the southernmost region of the state, comprised of the state’s entire coast from Barnegat Light to the Cape May Point Lighthouse, reaching out to the Delaware Memorial Bridge, is home to much of the state’s agricultural and fishing heritage, and a major focus of its tourism industry.

    • Congressman Van Drew focuses his efforts on bringing economic growth and jobs to the area, and ensure that the country’s tax structure, healthcare system and the nation’s trade policies serve the community positively. We need your help to make sure we help Congressman Van Drew continues his splendid work for the people of South Carolina and the United States of America.

  • Congressman Carey in (OH)

    • An ardent supporter of President Donald J. Trump, Congressman Carey believes in the blueprint put forth by the former President to build and maintain a strong economy putting the needs of America First, lowering taxes, cutting red tape, improving trade agreements that benefit the American people, and making and maintaining the strongest military the world has ever seen. Mike Carey will be a champion of the people, fighting for jobs and a strong continued economic growth, with American Energy Independence, protecting our borders, our constitutional rights, and an education system that is pro-America and advance enough for our children to compete in the word stage. Help us get Mike Carey to Washington to fight for us against the leftist Socialist agenda of the Democratic Party.

  • Carla Spalding (FL - US District 25)

    • US NAVY Veteran, College Professor registered nurse and proud American running for US Congress in Florida's District 25. Carla is a nationalized citizen from Kingston Jamaica. Carla loves this country and her community. In Congress, she will work to pass legislation to protect our veterans, protect our children, improve health care, secure our border, and drain the swamp of the corruption, mismanagement, and fraud the Biden administration has foster in our Federal Government.

  • Congressman John James

    • A Graduate of West Point and US Army veteran, Congressman James now serves the community of Michigan's District 10 flipping a valuable house seat in the House of Representatives. His work in Washington is quickly focused on the economy, health care, education, energy, and our veterans. As a freshman congressman, he is serving in the Transportaion and Infrastructure committee. There he can help address the vast supply chain issues facing our nation. We support Congressman James of Michigan to succeed in his work in Washington and bring our country back from the chaos created by the Democrats the last 2 years.

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